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NEW Membership Categories!

SPUC is pleased to announce that the society has upgraded membership categories to accomplish our goal of including and embracing all who are part of the Pediatric Urgent Care team.  The two biggest changes are as follows. The physician category is now a Provider category and includes Advance Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants. All members in this category have voting privileges.

A new category, “Clinical administrator” has been created to encompass registered nurses, (especially but not confined to), those in leadership roles, medical educators, and health care business professionals who support Pediatric Urgent Care. Members in this category will have voting privileges.  Annual dues for these two categories will be $200 and $150 respectively.


Any healthcare provider who meets the Provider or Clinical Administrator categories may join by paying the fee established by the Board of Directors.
Licensed providers (MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs) with an interest in pediatric urgent care. Provider members have voting privileges and may hold office.
Any RN (particularly those in leadership positions), healthcare administrator, or educator who is not a physician or a physician in training. Clinical administrator members have voting privileges and may hold office.
Anyone with an interest in the field of pediatric urgent care who does not meet the criteria of any other category may become an Allied Health member. Allied Health members are not eligible to vote or hold office.
Any student, resident or healthcare provider involved in a training program.


Goals of the Society:

  • promote the development of pediatric urgent care as a specialty
    - develop scope of practice and core competencies for providers (Physician, NP, PA)
    - develop quality measures for process and outcomes for pediatric patients seen in Urgent Care settings
  • connect members with providers and clinical leaders in Pediatric Urgent Care Medicine across the country
  • provide educational content for core topics (eventually including CME)
  • define an academic or clinical career path for providers specializing in pediatric urgent care

The society is currently looking for Founding Circle members interested in developing and contributing to:

  • educational content
  • core competencies
  • urgent care fellowship design
  • urgent care health policy research and advocacy
  • quality metrics evaluation and benchmarking Membership is open to the general healthcare public and will include:
    - access to leadership and physicians from across the country for networking and problem solving
    - access to clinical operations resources
    - access to educational resources
    - ability to contribute to data source to develop benchmarks
    - access to pooled quality metric data

Group Billing – 10% or 15% Discount on Dues:   Receive a 10% discount on member dues in the group billing program for groups of 34 members or less for your practice or institution. Groups of 35 or more members will receive a 15% discount. The Society will send one comprehensive renewal notice to include all the SPUC members in your practice or institution. Contact Greg Leasure, Membership Manager, at or 804-565-6393 to establish group billing for your members.