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Congratulations to Usha Sankrithi and Jeff Schor, former SPUC board members who co-authored the article Pediatric Urgent Care - New and Evolving Paradigms of Acute Care, featured in the journal Pediatric Clinics in North America.

Click here to read the article.

Be Antibiotics Aware: Protect your patient
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging healthcare professionals to prescribe antibiotics only when necessary to help fight antibiotic resistance and the spread of superbugs and to protect their patients from antibiotic adverse events. During U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week and throughout the year, CDC promotes Be Antibiotics Aware, an educational effort to raise awareness about the importance of safe antibiotic prescribing and use.

The Be Antibiotics Aware initiative provides resources to help improve antibiotic prescribing among healthcare professionals and use among consumers.

CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware educational effort encourages healthcare professionals to:

Be Antibiotics Aware has resources to help healthcare professionals (in outpatient and inpatient settings) educate patients and families about antibiotic use and risks for potential side effects. For more information visit:

Other Recent Articles & Podcasts of Interest

SPUC logoBMJ article confirms what we already know: with the exception of nasal saline, cough and cold medicines are not helpful and can be harmful in #pediatric patients. Click on the link to check out an interactive infographic   

SPUC logoResearch presented at the @AmerAcadPeds NCE last week suggests that bovine colostrum can help reduce the frequency and duration of acute diarrhea.

SPUC logoTeens take longer to recover from #concussion (4 weeks) than younger children (2 weeks) and teen girls take the longest of all (longer than 12 weeks) according to new research in @JAMAPediatrics​ 

SPUC logo The New York Times sums it up well: cough and cold medicines don't help, they can be dangerous; honey, fluids, time are the best medicines for #pediatric colds. #urgentcare

SPUC logoWhy You Shouldn't Spank, According to the AAP. …

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