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Fall/Winter 2019 Issue

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Antimicrobial Stewardship – Study Results Coming Soon!

ABoveruseWe cannot wait to share results of the SPUC collaborative study  on Antimicrobial Stewardship!  Results will be presented January 9, 2020. 

In addition, get ready for round two of the study!  Join us in January for a free webinar to learn more about ways you can improve antibiotic stewardship in pediatric urgent care and earn MOC!

Webinar details and registration information will be on the SPUC website here.  

SPUC is concluding its first year of its collaboration with the CDC and the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center to Sponsor a QI Study on Antibiotic Use in Pediatric Urgent Care.


SPUC is committed to decreasing inappropriate antibiotic use in pediatric urgent care. Studies have suggested that urgent care centers have a high rate of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing. Inappropriate antibiotic use not only contributes to antibiotic resistance but also places patients at risk for adverse drug reactions and drug side effects. We have now successfully begun to examine the problem specifically in the pediatric urgent care setting. Furthermore, we have identified unique barriers to appropriate antibiotic prescribing for the pediatric provider in the acute care setting allowing for improvement initiatives to succeed. 

The aims of our quality improvement study were threefold: firstly, to build capacity for implementing quality improvement projects at both the local and multi-institutional level in pediatric urgent cares; secondly, to understand the antibiotic prescribing patterns in pediatric urgent cares; and thirdly, to implement a randomized cluster trial of interventions to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing by 20% from baseline values.

The Society for Pediatric Urgent Care (SPUC) recruited over 100 individual providers and over 20 organizations. Tune into the webinar to learn more about our results and plans for round 2! 

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