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Corey Fish, MD is an Innovator in Digital Healthcare

Corey Fish, MDSPUC member Corey Fish, MD is taking the pediatric urgent care experience into the world of digital healthcare.   

The parent of one of Dr. Fish’s urgent care patients was impressed. Darius Monsef is described as a serial entrepreneur.  Monsef approached Dr. Fish with a pediatric urgent care startup idea. The two combined forced to launch Brave Care, a startup company that combines technology with pediatric urgent care. Fish serves as Brave’s chief medical officer.

Brave Care was recently featured in a GeekWire article written by James Thorne. You can read the full article online here.

The company’s technology vision involves building tools for parents to get advice from pediatric care providers at all hours in order to decide whether or not to head to a hospital or clinic.

Brave Care is trying to make the experience as painless as possible for kids and parents. For grown-ups, Brave thinks that making professional pediatric advice easier to access can reduce the anxiety that comes with uncertainty. It also wants to divert parents away from costly and often unnecessary emergency room visits.

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